Monday, January 31, 2011

Welcome and a bit about me and my escapades


Why escapades?  You understand as you get to know me.  My advertures with my sister often turn into an episode of Lucy and Ethyl.  The past few years have been about pushing my comfort zone, trying new things and making life an adventure on a shoestring budget.

I worked in a sock mill for 13 years, right up until they shut it down and sent it to Honduras.  Trade Readjustment Allowance sent me to school and I just got my Associates in Applied Science, Industrial Electronic Technician in December.  I'm going for one more semester for another Associates in Applied Science, Industrial Systems Technician, Multiskilled.  I'm taking welding this semester!  I can't wait until we actually get to weld.    Fortunately, my welding partner is a professional welder, so that's going to be a plus. I am looking for a job in those fields, someone hire me!  I'm also taking Industrial Maintenance, Industrial safety, and an Instrumentation class. All good stuff.

This blog will cover several topics of my life.  From sharing recipes to  being a survivor of child abuse, physical, mental, and sexual, or  my escapades in kayaking, hiking, fishing, photography,  (all strictly amateur) or even my adventures of being a 50 year old college student. I'm also very big on yard sales, garage sales, moving sales and thrift store shopping.  There is also a good chance I'll talk about my pets.  15 dogs and 1 rabbit, sometimes referred to as the Heathens,  depending on all our moods.

I tend to be politically liberal with a smidgen of conservative, but I'll keep the political and Religious stuff to a minimum. I used to really keep up with politics, but I've become disgusted with all of them so while I try to keep informed, I don't really comment on it much anymore.

I collect cookbooks.  I love to read them, especially old ones, or region or culture or community specific.  My love of cooking goes in cycles.  Sometimes I'll try to cook anything, even if it will take me all day, and other times, I don't want to do more than pop something in the microwave.  A lot depends on how busy my life is at the time.   So food and recipes will definitely be a topic.

Meniere's will also be something I'll talk about from time to time, but not too often.  I do have the inner ear disease and at one time, it was very much out of control. But my last surgery and time has it back under control and it is really not a big problem for me now.   It is the reason I am deaf in the left ear, or rather the doctor who used the wrong medication during a procedure for the Meniere's is the reason I'm completely deaf in that ear.

What I really want to do with this blog is to show people that you can get through the hard stuff.  I've lead a very dramatic and traumatic life and I've survived it all.  I'll be talking about some of those hardships as the mood hits me.  I mentioned the abuse above, but I also was the sole caretaker when my Daddy was terminally ill.  We lived in a  little bitty school bus with an outhouse when I was about 4.  I had a severe period of depression 20 years ago.    Life has been hard for me, but the important thing is keep putting one foot in front of the other until you get through the hard times.  You adjust and keep going.   I've not only survived my life, but I am looking forward to the next 50 years of it.   Don't ever give up on life. Don't ever stop trying.

Welcome to my journey.


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